E&S Healthcare develops innovative medical solutions
that guarantee 3A's values (Availability, Affordability, and Accessibility) of
in-vitro diagnostic technology to give mankind new hope.

 In particular, we have developed diagnostic kits that use blood to diagnose gynecologic cancers such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and endometriosis to ensure healthy and trouble-free lives for women.In addition, we develop fully automated equipment for easy utilization of these diagnostic kits and consistent diagnostic inspection quality.

The trend of in vitro diagnostic technology in the medical field is toward non-invasive, simple, user-friendly, real-time and economical technology and products.E&S Healthcare is committed to developing innovative healthcare solutions to meet these needs.


DxMe ® BC

Blood-based breast cancer in vitro diagnostic kit using ELISA

The current gold standard of early detection of breast cancer is mammography that has inevitable weak points such as cost, discomfort, and radiation exposure. Besides, an additional examination might be necessary for better diagnosis of dense breasts.
Our breast cancer diagnostic kit, DxMe ® BC, measures a specific protein biomarker from the blood by ELISA regardless of breast conditions. It can help detect breast cancer exactly. The accuracy can be maximally enhanced when it is accompanied with mammography.


  • Specificity : Ability to distinguish normal group from the tester group
  • Sensitivity : Ability to distinguish abnormal group (patient group) from tester group
  • Cut-off-Value : Reference value for distinguishing between normal and abnormal groups


  1. Use of a single biomarker with unusually high expression in breast cancer
  2. Breast cancer can be screened or diagnosed early with only a small amount of blood
  3. First in-vitro diagnostic product for breast cancer that is simple, quick and accurate
  4. Complementing the technical limitations and problems of mammography
  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • High accessibility for use in any hospital
  • Competitive price and consistent performance