About company

After sales service solution

  Providing the ultimate technical resource center for all electronic device repair requirements, complementing and supporting the work of equipment manufacturers, distributors, installers and field service companies.

 DOA(Dead on arrival) & Repair service allows you to guarantee a highest level of service to your clients. We take care of all aspects of the administrative and logistical handling of repairs on your behalf. We provide service including RMA(Return Merchandise Authorization) requests and up-to-date track and trace. This allows client to be fully focused on selling and providing service to the customers.


Sales & Marketing

 At the core of our Sales & Marketing business is an extensive sales function combining unrivalled channel expertise, category knowledge and excellent relationships with buyers, wholesalers and carries, on-trade. When you combine our sales skills with our shopper insights and category analysis, it makes for a powerful combination to made successful your business.

  • Creating brand distribution, compliance and visibility at point of purchase

  • Account planning and forecasting

  • Promotion plan, creation, execution and control

  • Commercial negotiation

  • Customer channel expertise and category management